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My President Mattress selling My King 5 Star Hotel Quality Mattress from $1499, Chose by most Singapore celebrities Visit Yishun, Ubi or Punggol Showroom, Call  96177025

MY King – 7 Zone Pocket Spring

My King Mattress is OEM from one of the famous 5-star hotel, as we have photo as evidence however, we are unable to reveal it online. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for the top hotel in order to get premium sleep anymore.


Queen Mattress


King Mattress


Super Single Mattress

Luxury Euro Pillow Top Perfect Level of Softness and Firmness

(Comfortable Yet Supportive)
My King combines the perfect blend of support and comfort by using deluxe memory foam and natural latex in the pillow top Gives you the hotel quality rest you deserve.

Cooling and Airflow Pattern

The curve pattern promotes airflow and a thermally conductive gel memory foam were used to prevent heat accumulation.

Treasure your dream thanks to Advance Motion Isolation

With 7 Zone individually pocket spring mattress & twice the amount of micro pocket spring used to enhance the motion isolation, you will never wake because of your partner again.

When one partner moves, the other barely feels it.

Back Support

My King 7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress engineered to support your spine’s natural alignment, allowing you to relax into a restorative sleep and wake feeling pain-free and refreshed.
Reduced Back & Joint Pain
Reduced Back & Joint Pain
Our plush Euro pillow top delivers contouring and cushioning support to the back, hips, and shoulders, relieving pressure where it's needed most.
Optimal Spine Support
Optimal Spine Support
Our mattresses are designed with Lumbar Zone support technology, an active wire support in the center of the mattress, for optimal spinal alignment.

Is My King Soft or Firm?

Luxury Firm
On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 being extremely firm, My King is a 6.5. Most people like the feel of their mattress somewhere in the middle, which makes My King an excellent fit.

Is My King Good For Side Sleepers?

Short answer: Yes. Many people identify as side sleepers, but you probably sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night. My King memory foam, natural latex and mini innerspring coils keep you from sinking into the mattress and provide a touch of bounce for added comfort.

Individually Wrapped Pocket Spring

Full Support from Edge to Edge

Extra strong Quantum coils allow for enhanced edge support along the perimeter of the mattress. Supportive edges reduce roll-off.

More than 10 Celebrities Recommend My King

Richard Liu Xian Yi & Jin Jie
Jack Neo 梁智強,
Edmund Chen 陈之财
薛素珊 Cassandra See and 洪昭容 Angela Ang, & Apple Hong 洪乙心
Jin Jie
Alan Moo Testimonial
Richard Liu Xian Yi Testimonial

Jack Neo 梁智強 & Edmund Chen 陈之财, have choose My King as their Preferred Choice As My King is Comfortable and yet not too Soft

Both of them, purchase My King Supper Single for Their Kids Bed, to let their next generation experience the luxury of beauty sleep

Apple Hong 洪乙心
 choose My King, as the comfort level is comparable to those Mattress Boutique in the Bed Market The softness is just right for her to enjoy a good rest

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